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Grilled Cheese Sandwiches of Many Lands

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

Dateline March 16, 2022 New Orleans: I put this together yesterday for the nice people at HuffPost and thought I would share it with you all, since one of My Favorite Things is DEFINITELY grilled cheese. I think I'll keep adding countries to the list and it might make an interesting cookbooklet one day. It IS a small world (of grilled cheese) after all.

From the editor at HuffPost: "What cheese (or cheeses) do you recommend for a good grilled cheese sandwich and why? Feel free to share a preferred brand/purveyor if you have one."

Then from me, below, in response! (I went a little crazy):


Definitely cheese, PLURAL! Presenting, my . . .

“Grilled Cheese Sandwiches of Many Lands.”

Butter and/or mayo are welcome additions to any of these combinations!

Dutch Grilled Cheese: Gouda cheese (of course!), with sauteed sweet onions and cremini mushrooms on Tiger bread (Tijgerbrood). YUM

Italian Grilled Cheese: Asiago (“pressato”, or “fresco” will melt best!) Add a little smooth and melty shredded mozzarella, sauteed grape tomatoes with oregano, slices of peperoncini and a basil chiffonade! On focaccia, of course! WOW

English Grilled Cheese: Sharp Cheddar (naturally, old chap) with a bit of Stilton (blue) for an extra tangy punch. On a nice Farmhouse loaf with butter and Branston Pickle!

Mexican Grilled Cheese: Pepper Jack cheese (what’s better?!), a bit of shredded Mexican cheese blend, with refried beans, tomato salsa, guacamole, on pambazo!

USA Grilled Cheese: Vermont cheddar, and Swiss cheeses, butter, mayo, diced dill pickle, ham, on your favorite white bread. Mustard is not entirely unwelcome on this one either! (Hard to beat!).

My go-to cheese for all things requiring cheese in the USA is Cracker Barrel Extra Sharp Yellow Cheddar. It’s the one cheese I would take to a desert island!

"It's a world of laughter, a world of cheese . . ."

And guess what? Wonderful Caroline Bologna at HuffPost printed a whole bunch of my ideas! Click right here to see her great article.

Till our next grilled cheese adventure, I bid you auf wiedersehen, goodbye!

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