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Blue Plate Mayo

I may, from time to time, enjoy some Duke's or some Kewpie, but BLUE PLATE you are the king of mayonnaise in my book! There's no other brand that can come close to the ambrosial perfection of the texture and flavor of this heaven-sent condiment. How do you really feel, Brian?

"Are you someone who loves mayonnaise so much that eating mayo out of the jar by the spoonful sounds like a scrumptious way to spend an afternoon? If so, Blue Plate is the brand of mayonnaise that you should stock in your home. No other brand is as flavorful as this stuff. The first time you taste it, you'll be stunned by its power but also enthralled by its depth.

Blue Plate has a history that dates back to 1927 and was created near New Orleans. Like the city, this mayonnaise is flamboyant in the best way possible, from its yellow tinge to its egg yolk-heavy flavor, there's nothing subtle about this mayonnaise. There's also the perfect hint of sourness and sweetness added to the mix to keep you on your toes.

Use Blue Plate mayo for dipping purposes or add it to your meal. Whatever you do with it, there will be no way to suppress your ear-to-ear grin."

Get it (from Amazon like I do when I'm not in New Orleans)—or right here from the nice folks at Blue Plate.

The brand new label!

The old label. I was sort of shocked when they changed it! Same great mayo however!

Happy mayo - ing !!!

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