Collecting Vintage Cocktail Tumblers!

It's one of several collections I add to all the time, along with my swizzle sticks, antique silver souvenir spoons, and of course my vintage cookbooks. We have a celebrated custom at the beach whereby I bring the spouse his Cinzano Bianco (on the rocks) to the boat when it lands in the harbor, each time in a new tumbler from the vintage collection.

You can find these wonderful prizes at antique and junk stores, and of course on eBay, Etsy and via other online sources. I use searches online like "vintage cocktail tumbler," "souvenir drinking glass," etcetera. Be creative with your searches - I often look for specific cities, restaurants. There are lots of festive mid-century themes like suits of cards, historic scenes, and of course drinking recipes and ones that are advertising-related like a rare Frigidaire tumbler I happen to love. Here are some from my treasured collection!

As mentioned, foreign cities is a thing. Mais oui, ma cherie.

Hotels and restaurants are big too.

From one of the more risqué sets I own. One of the most valuable too. I call this one the table tennis booty girl.

Don Ho is a very popular one at our house.

I think this UN one gets almost as much of a workout as Don Ho. They're similar in size and shape and feel good in the hand.

World's Fairs are a big deal.

American cities are lots of fun too.

These European bunny aliens performing a crack-infused circle dance is one of my most unique.

Look, it's the spouse! In this handy collectible poster of every "meet-the-boat vintage tumbler" from summer 2019. See how happy vintage tumblers make you feel?! Cheers everybody! It's time to get collecting!

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