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Collecting Vintage Cocktail Tumblers!

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

It's one of several collections I add to all the time, along with my swizzle sticks, antique silver souvenir spoons, and of course my vintage cookbooks. We have a celebrated custom at the beach whereby I bring the spouse his Cinzano Bianco (on the rocks) to the boat when it lands in the harbor, each time in a new tumbler from the vintage collection.

You can find these wonderful prizes at antique and junk stores, and of course on eBay, Etsy and via other online sources. I use searches online like "vintage cocktail tumbler," "souvenir drinking glass," etcetera. Be creative with your searches - I often look for specific cities, restaurants. There are lots of festive throwback themes like amusement parks, celebrities, suits of cards, historic scenes, and of course drinking recipes. There are ones that are advertising-related like a rare Frigidaire tumbler I happen to love.

Here are some from my treasured collection!

There's only one Lone Star State!

As mentioned, foreign cities are a thing. Mais oui, ma cherie.

Hotels and restaurants are big too. Here's a better look at this one with Texas motels.

From one of the more risqué sets I own. One of the most valuable too. I call this one the table tennis booty girl.

Don Ho is a very popular one at our house.

I think this UN one gets almost as much of a workout as Don Ho. They're similar in size and shape and feel good in the hand.

Here's the Frigidaire advertising tumbler I mentioned. The colors are swell, plus it doubles as a measuring cup!

World's Fairs are a big deal.

This one might be my oldest. This is a coronation tumbler for George VI, aka Bertie—the subject of “The King’s Speech”—and QEII’s daddy. His daughter Her Maj became queen only 15 years later. Bertie is pictured here with Queen Liz the Queen Mum. The quote under their portrait is the French maxim motto of the British chivalric Order of the Garter and translates to: “Evil be to him that evil thinks.” If only.

Another look at San Antonio. This shot proves these antique items even hold adult beverages!

Speaking of San Antonio, sometimes we have the great honor and good fortune to inherit sets of vintage glassware from folks we know. In this case, my close friend from San Antonio bequeathed me a few sets of her mother's jaw-droppingly gorgeous glasses. I love this size and pattern to serve my spicy Virgin Marys (with a side of veg) in!

These European bunny aliens performing a crack-infused circle dance is one of my most unique.

And look, it's the spouse! In this handy "collectible poster" of every "meet-the-boat vintage tumbler" from summer 2019. See how happy vintage tumblers make you feel?! Cheers everybody! It's time to get collecting!

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