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Collecting Vintage Swizzle Sticks!

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

I don't have a huge collection of vintage souvenir swizzle sticks, but it's a collection I really enjoy. I keep it out at the beach, where everything has sort of a mid-century design vibe, and they fit right in. I get them from the usual sources, Etsy, eBay, antique and junk stores.

There are so many great themes - Hawaiian islands & tiki gods, Las Vegas, hotels & restaurants (Chicago and New York are especially fun to collect), resorts, airlines, and other modes of transport as well.

Here are some of the ones in my collection. I have a ton of Las Vegas.

Hawaii! Mardi Gras!

I admit it, I fell for this lot on Etsy just now. What a terrific variety - I love the jack o'lantern!!

International stirrers are so chic.

Top 'o the morning to you!

The tiki theme is rampant, as mentioned.

Chicago, as I said, is a lot of fun to collect and a huge source of subjects and locations.

Bottoms up, it's time to get collecting!!

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