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OXO 8 Piece Measuring Cups and Spoons Set

This OXO Good Grips set of cups and spoons is one of my very favorite things! This is the only measuring cup set I'll own, and I have multiples, for when I travel to TV studios and other spots between kitchens. I have many other different spoon sets, most are linked together with a ring (these come apart) but there's something streamlined and easy to pack about this set that I especially like. Get your set here!

See how they come apart for easy use (the magnets on the ends keep the spoons together when not in use).

Oh look, there goes my "mobile kitchen." I take it along from city to city when I'm going to be on television. I call it the "Orange Volkswagen" because sometimes it's very heavy - for example a 17 pound Dutch oven will really give it some heft! But thanks to it's festive color I can always spot it right away coming off the baggage carousel. And you can bet I'll always have a set of these OXO measuring cups and spoons inside!

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