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Patio Picnic Cook Book

From the Patio Picnic Cook Book, Martha Logan, Swift & Company, 1958.

This 1958 gem is chock full of tasty ideas. Inspiration for the BBQ from sauces to kabobs. Wild and crazy Swift Company products you'd like to know more about. Delightful illustrations too.

The gorgeous cover.

Thuringer is a German summer sausage (in this case from Swift). I had to look that one up too. Toasted hummingbirds?!? And I love anything called "Nippy."

BBQ sauces on parade . . .

Kabob combos! And I bet you don't know what "Prem" is. Well see just below this for a Swift Company ad from 1948.

Mmmm, tempting Prem! It's a porch party plate! I could fall face down in that macaroni salad and not mind it.

I love a good Brunswick stew, and I never met a sage-rubbed bun I didn't like.

Salamigundi!! And I could not find anything anywhere about "Bluelle Cheez Presto," but it's forcing me to believe it!

Y'all have a fantastic patio picnic now, and Happy Fourth!

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