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The Julie Andrews Cocktail

July 8, 2021 Cocktail of the Week from The Julie Andrews!


Rum Punch. Quite satisfactory. * hic *

The Julie Andrews Cocktail,

by Kelly Sparks


  • 1 oz. vanilla vodka

  • 1 oz. citrus vodka

  • 0.5 oz. lavender syrup

  • 0.5 oz. Crème de Violette

  • 0.5 oz. lemon juice


  1. Add all ingredients to a cocktail shaker.

  2. Top with ice and shake until chilled.

  3. Strain into a cocktail glass and garnish with a lemon.


It's citrusy, sweet, and floral!

Maria, do you happen to know any good cocktail recipes?

I never drink, well except for a spot of tea. I am practically perfect in every way!

Maria may have had one too many after all . . .

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