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Arden Farms Cookbook

This one is a gem of my vintage cookbook collection. It is undated, but based on the illustrations, photography and typefaces I'm going to say it's 1959.

The exuberant, thrilling cover.

This is perhaps a bit too "western," and let's groan in unison that the "homemaker" is assumed to be "her," but such were the times. If you take the introduction on its face it has a challenging message designed to be inspiring, and actually refers to the cooking contributions of "all nations." It also encourages you to applaud said homemaker, don't just take all "her" hard work for granted.

Offer me vintage appetizer trays and I'll follow you anywhere . . .

It's a salad party!

Add on the word supreme and I'm hooked.

All solid choices here. And the word "fricassee" is overdue for a comeback, don't you think?

Casseroles! Pimento-stuffed olives! Meatballs with toothpicks! Multi-compartment vintage appetizer caddies. Here's hoping I'm close enough to my fainting couch.

A treasure trove of mid-century dishes. If you've never had the peak experience of cooking up a noodle ring, it's pure jubilation.

The photography. The illustrations. The pie!

Sweets for the sweet.

Yes, please!

Look at all these inviting Arden products. Till next time, home cooks!

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