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Ashley's Mexican Menu Magic

This great little cookbooklet is a fantastic source of Mexican recipe ideas, even though you can't get Ashley's products anymore. Improvise! I know you can do it.

The cookbook is undated but it looks like it was designed in the late 1940's, to my eye. Some say it is 1950's, which of course is also possible.

All about the history of George Ashley and his Mexican food canning company from the El Paso Times right here.

The inviting cover.

Enchiladas many ways. Trying saying Guadalajareñas three times fast.

Lobster Newburg Tostadas? Why not!?


Just look at all this deliciousness.

Meats that are a treat!

Mexican Meatloaf? Don't mind if I do!

Pardon me for saying so, but stuff it! 😜

Las ensaladas son buenas.

Chicken with rice is very nice!!

Can't live without our salsas!

Enchiladas stacked, not rolled. The El Paso way!

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