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Betty Crocker's Party Book, 1960

Updated: May 23, 2022

One of Betty's spiral-bound charmers. Highlights from the Christmas chapter include: door decor, wreaths, tree-trimming, a "cooky" swap party, cupcakes, Christmas eve, morning and day menus, and, stop the presses, surprise ham loaves!

The festive cover.

This season of rejoicing.

You know it's 1960 when a Starbust Mobile makes the scene.

The Infinite Feast (my new cookbook in case you haven't heard) has a terrific recipe for a "cooky" tree. It's my "Gingerbread Town." So much fun to make and bake.

The icing recipe mentioned above.

Cooky swap? Bring it on!

Surprise Ham Loaves. "Make your favorite ham loaf mixture." As if that was something everyone naturally had at the ready. Then again, maybe they did! 🐷

I am loving all these ideas.

You know when it's called "Gourmet" it's gotta be good.

I'd try the soup, maybe kick it up with some heat and a touch of lemon . . .

I could really go to town with the Sugar Plum Tree idea.

One of my favorite mid-century double page cookbook photo spreads ever. Merry Christmas! 🎄

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1 Comment

Good times! Before we knew how dysfunctional our family really was. Twisting to the Beach Boys ("She's real fine, my 409") in the rich kid's basement. Yes, please.

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