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Betty Crocker's Picture Cookbook, 1956

Updated: May 9, 2022

The Main Dishes Chapter.

Here are some tempting main dish ideas from mid-twentieth century American cooks that Betty thinks you should try. Pig in a Poke! Chili Con Carne! Lobster Thermidor! Seafood Symphony! And of course my favorite, the ever-popular, Ring of Plenty! (See my similar recipe for Gala Holiday Ham and Noodle Ring right here!)

The inviting cover.

Rib-sticking fare.

I am currently fascinated by molded meats. I want to develop a fantastic pickle pimento loaf that's actually appetizing. Watch this space.

For Pig in a Poke, I haven't included this cookbook's popover batter recipe here (ref. p78), but this one from the NYT should substitute nicely.

Where do you start?!

So many good things here. You'll have to improvise the white sauce, the green rice ring, and the curry sauce not shown, my apologies. But necessity is the mother of invention!

Again, you need white sauce. I hear a symphony!

Yes, please.

I suppose less original than Italian Enchiladas and Mexican Pizza, but I'm down with it.

They had vegetarians in 1956 as well. Who knew?

Festively photo'ed spread. See the Kamera Kitchen towards the end of this post!

A lot going on here.

The Ring of Plenty! And why Yankee Doodle called his feather "Macaroni"!

They made the part up about measuring the kids mouths. I mean come on. And who could resist a noodle casserole named after Olga.

Endless yum.

The Kamera Kitchen! Looks just like my set-up sometimes!

Tasting Bar? Guest luncheons? Yes please.

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