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Come To Our Barbecue

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

Come To Our Barbecue, from Taylor Wine Company, featuring James Beard, circa 1960.

It's almost patio party weather! This is a great little booklet from around 1960 with boozy barbecue meat and sauce recipes you won't want to miss. Features a introductory salute to the legendary James Beard.

Here's the enticing cover.

Appetizing glamor!

Zest! Piquancy! Bouquet!

Joyful chicken and lusty pork. 🐓 🐷

I like the sound of this sauce. I might throw it in a pot and give it a 3 minute boil however to activate the onion and burn off some of the wine.

They're not just good, they're gay! And those prunes'll get your day goin'.

The variety kind of makes your head spin. So many choices!

When was the last time you pickled eggs in rosè? I'll wait . . .

The Keuka here sounds pretty exotic and worth a try.

Burgundy glazed hot dogs. Now that's Atomic Era Americana!

I need to make a note to find the other three booklets. Well that's all for now, cheers!

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