Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra Burgers

🎶 Everybody loves a burger sometime . . . 🎶 Dean and Frank get down to the essentials in their burger recipes below. Dean's recipe is from The Celebrity Cookbook, 1966. Frank's R-rated recipe didn't make it in with Dean's, sorry Frank. Those Rat Pack'ers were always up to something bawdy now weren't they?

Dean of course pairs his simple recipe with a favorite libation.

After a few shots of bourbon, this happened . . .

Here's Frank's recipe when HE wanted a burger (WARNING, obscenity ahead):

If you don't like Frank's recipe, here's the response:

Of course, if you're Frank, you can always croon: "I did my burgers my way." (groan, sorry!)

Tune in again next time for more of Dean and Frank's grillin' and chillin'!

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