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Family Circle Fish & Poultry Cookbook

This is a great-looking, well-researched, recipe-packed little cookbook from 1955. Fish and poultry, shellfish and game. It is big into cross-referencing other pages for components of its recipes (and recipes for its photographs), so there might be a certain something of interest omitted here from a page I chose not to include. There's still so much here, you're bound to enjoy. Also there are lots of copies of this fine little book still floating around out there if you want to try getting your hands on one!

Here's the eye-catching cover.

The opening pages are festive.

There's a lot of helpful marketing guidance, not to mention the beautiful period illustrations.

Ways with fish sticks!

I do love this mid-century photo vibe.

Pompano! Yes please!

Who could possibly resist a tasty Supper Tuna Bowl?

I love a good Lobster Thermidor. Not to mention Newburg.

Shrimps Newburg!

I see nothing objectionable here.

Roast it up, baby.

An abundance of great sauces.

Peppy is my favorite type of BBQ sauce.

Bigarade Orange Sauce! I'm going to need to try that one.

How to carve. Essential knowledge.

The charming back cover. Bon appétit!

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