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Foodarama Party Book 1959 !!

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

One of my very favorite things! I have a huge collection of cookbooks and cookbooklets, from roughly 1945 to 1965, and I go back to the Foodarama Party Book over and over again. A 1959 hardbound charmer with recipes that work, rapturous party ideas, and more. And who can resist a mid-century ANYTHING that ends in "-rama?" Not me!

Like I said, a real charmer!

Foodarama living is better living! May all your parties be happy ones!

Packed with endless value.

The beat goes on . . .

Today's guests like to do-it-themselves . . .

All time favorites . . .

Who can resist a fluffy rainbow?

Or a festive loaf ?!?

Bunny looks a bit cross himself . . .

We did parties just like this when I was growing up . . .

Still works the same today . . . Sorry not to include the pic from p. 94. It looks like, well a roast turkey.

I've got one of these showy Christmas puddings in my cookbook, The Infinite Feast, as well. It's a Figgy Pudding actually. I do NOT have hard sauce snowmen. We should all try these!

I've been dying to try a Della Robbia Ice Ring!

I haven't included all the tempting recipes in the lavish Xmas smörgåsbord below, but it might inspire you to find your own vintage copy of this terrific book. eBay and Etsy are my sources of choice. At this writing there were about 12 vintage copies available on the former and 3 on the latter. Go for it! I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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