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Good Housekeeping's Appetizer Book

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

Good Housekeeping's Appetizer Book, 1958

A little bit of zany, a whole lot of imagination! Recipes galore here you can follow as-is, or take and run with in your own direction. Here's an excerpt with some of my favorites!

The toothpicked nibbles (aka "Cracker Kabobs") are thrust right into the side of a lit candle, surrounded by a riot of spring daisies. Not to mention: chafing dish. You know you're in 1958 when.

A drink is a prerequisite!

It all hangs off a generous variety of foundations and spreaders. Nobody wants to stand in line.

More of those tempting "spreaders," as mentioned.

Tidbits! Sticks! Crunchies! Buttons! And I wonder who "Inez" was?

Ready to serve at a moment's notice . . .

It's hard to argue with a good muffinette.

I want to reach into the photo and grab . . . the napkins!

Rock lobster! 🦞

Zesty and zippy.

FINALLY, here's the recipe for those front cover Cracker Kabobs I know you've been craving.

A provocative array.

Dumb-bells, boats and balls.

Remember I said "zany"? It doesn't get much more so than these Vienna-Christmas snacks. And when was the last time you bought a can of sauerkraut juice? I'll wait . . . 🤣

Well that's all for now folks, over and out!

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