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Helen Corbitt's Potluck, 1962

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

From Wikipedia: Corbitt authored numerous cookbooks and was the first woman to receive the Golden Plate Award, the highest honor in the food business. In 1969, she was presented the Outstanding Service Award by the Texas Restaurant Association for "her inestimable contributions" to the food service industry. A 1975 profile by the Chicago Tribune described Corbitt as "the Balenciaga of food and the best cook in Texas". In December 1999, Texas Monthly declared Corbitt to be the "Tastemaker of the Century." In 2009, the Los Angeles Times described her as "the Julia Child-esque cooking celebrity with a Texas twang."

From Southern Living: Rumor has it that Limpin’ Susan was Hoppin’ John’s secret girlfriend. Whereas Hoppin' John is a rich and filling blend of rice and field peas, Limpin’ Susan, rice and okra, is a little more delicate and fresh.

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