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Just a Mouthful, 1975

This cookbook is a bit outside my usual "period" (1945-1965) but I like it for it's homegrown appeal and for author Betty Ramsey's down to earth "voice" and creativity.

Doesn't Betty look friendly? A Baton Rouge girl, originally from Paris! And just look at that tempting snack spread, featuring what looks like an asparagus stalk/green bell pepper tree!

Which one of YOUR friends will wear the chef's hat and be the carver?!?

I'd indulge in a tasty Tom Thumb, or three . . .

Crab Mornay?!? Yes, please!

I'd love to try the sardine spread as part of a deviled egg filling, per Betty's note here.

Very popular at parties!

Your guests will ask for more. Keep that chafing dish full!

Veggies on parade.

Even though I haven't included every recipe in this article, Betty's table of contents will still give you a lot of inspiring ideas.

Mais oui, Bett-ee!

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