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Lucy's Sunday Night Goulash

A humble crowd-pleaser from the queen of comedy.


Serves from 4 to 6

At least 2 lbs. of ground round—lean

2 bunches green onions—chopped

½ clove garlic—chopped

2 large green peppers-chopped 1 large can solid pack tomatoes—be sure and save the juice

½ lb. small egg noodles, for 2 lbs. ground round

Brown the meat in butter, add sauteed chopped onions, green pepper, garlic. Put to a slow simmer—add canned tomatoes, plus juice. Salt and pepper to taste, add Accent. Last ½ hour, add cooked, strained egg noodles.

Serve with garlic-buttered, heated French bread. Red Chianti Wine.

What Lucy's goulash might look like.

Let's dig in!

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