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Oscar Party Ideas!

Updated: Mar 8

I was privileged to submit a few of my (hopefully inspiring) Oscar party ideas to

My full submission follows here, for your review.

2022 Oscar Party ideas for

from Brian Theis of The Infinite Feast (

1. ALWAYS print out ballots for each guest to fill out ahead of the show. Elect one host or guest to keep score for everybody else. Decide on a prize for the highest number of correct votes. A fancy bottle of champagne perhaps? 🍾 🥂 My favorite printable ballot has always been Vanity Fair’s.

2. Get to know the nominated films in the Costume Design category, and have everyone come in costume from one of those. 2022 was a great year for that, with Cruella, Cyrano, Dune, Nightmare Alley, and West Side Story. Have everyone arrive early, throw down a red carpet if you’re feeling ambitious, and make sure to take copious photos and post on social media! And again, whomever is dressed as the movie that wins the Costume Design gold gets a prize. Maybe a gift certificate to a local vintage clothing store?!

3. Pick your favorite three Best Picture films for food and plan your nibbles menu around those. This year I would choose Licorice Pizza (of course), Belfast or West Side Story (Irish or Puerto Rican treats!), and Drive My Car (sushi)!

And here's the published article on featuring my expert advice! 😎

And the Oscar goes to . . . !!!

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