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Popcorn Strings!

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

December 13th may be National Popcorn String Day, but I think it's safe to celebrate these charming and atmospheric traditional tree garlands all month long. 🎄

I was surprised at the wealth of how-to information there is out there on this festive custom. This wikiHow is exhaustive.

Some fun facts from Parade for National Popcorn String Day right here.

Ocean Spray is understandably a booster of the cranberry approach.

Pebble argues they are more environmentally-friendly than tinsel and plastic beads. One would have to agree. Also good advice to have an additional bowl of popcorn to munch on while you're stringing.

Singing carols, stringing popcorn

Making footprints in the snow

Memories, Christmas memories

They're the sweetest ones I know

–Frank Sinatra

Loretta likes 'em too. Happy stringing!

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