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Porcelain Baking (and Serving) Ramekins

I am a huge fan of these six color Foraineam Oval Porcelain 10 ounce Ramekins with Double Handles! At press time they are currently unavailable on Amazon! But keep checking back—they're so popular and attractive and useful I can't imagine Foraineam hasn't rushed another shipment into production. They ARE available (for a bit of a premium) on eBay at the moment. Failing that, you can get them in all white on Amazon, or go for these round 10 ounce Sweejar ramekins which are super cute too. Happy shopping!

They are great for microwaving casseroles, oatmeal, or heating leftovers, baking or heating almost anything in the oven (think potatoes au gratin!), and terrific simply for serving.

Holly Morris on FOX5's Good Day DC liked them a lot. Here's a segment I did recently where they chow down on my Creole Breakfast Casserole recipe. Click on the photo to go to the video!

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