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Presto Salad Shooter!

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

Hey everybody it's the Presto Salad Shooter! It might sound a bit like Saturday Night Live's "Bass-O-Matic", but it really works!

Thinly slice potatoes for a gratin, easily shred cheese, cabbage for cole slaw, lettuce for tacos. I used to do a lot of that type of task in my otherwise awesome Cuisinart food processor. No more! The Cuisinart was much tougher to clean and was more cumbersome process-wise than the Presto Shooter. Now, voila!

The Salad Shooter's thin-sliced potatoes for a gratin are much more tender on the bake than the thicker-sliced Cuisinart potatoes.

One thing to note: when in operation the Presto Salad Shooter does not purr with the comforting quiet of an expensive car. It will literally wake the dead! But it's worth it. Get it here!

I just LOVE the Presto Salad Shooter. Even more than the Bass-O-Matic!

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