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Ross Geller/David Schwimmer's Moist-Maker!

David Schwimmer didn't really write this recipe but we'll pretend he did. Here, from the nice folks at Hello! magazine, is their take on his "Friends" character Ross Geller's well-known purloined "sarnie" (sandwich, of Thanksgiving leftovers).


You'd react this way too if your sandwich was stolen.

Especially if it had a special "moist-maker." (Mmmm, "moist.")

It's easy! (Especially the day after Thanksgiving!)

Ross Geller's Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey Sandwich

Makes one sandwich

1 teaspoon of butter

1/4 cup gravy

3 slices of bread

2 slices of green lettuce

Leftover roast turkey breast

1 tablespoon of cranberry sauce

1/4 cup stuffing

Soak one slice of bread in gravy and set aside.

While the 'moist-maker' is in progress, butter another slice of bread and layer half the turkey and stuffing on top.

Add the gravy-soaked bread and place the lettuce and the remaining turkey and stuffing on top. Spread the cranberry sauce on the final slice of bread and place on top.

Enjoy before anyone can steal it!


Oliver Babish does an EPIC (and very entertaining) job cooking FROM SCRATCH all the ingredients that go into Ross's sandwich!

In case you're not familiar with the saga of Ross's sandwich:

Yes, we know, Ross, it was your sandwich.

But tell us, Ross, how do you really feel?

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