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Tablecloth Clip Clamps

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

When you're having a patio party and there's a bit of a breeze, you don't want your tablecloth lifting off and taking your lovingly-prepared banquet smörgåsbord with it.

That's where the handy "clip clamp" for tablecloths comes in! The table I use for serving on my beach patio has a relatively small amount of space under the table edge to clip onto but my favorite clip clamps even work great with that table, at an angle. They'll be even more amazing on a table on your patio I'm sure. Also I really like these clear ones since you can see the festive pattern of your tablecloth right through them! Also great for weddings and other outdoor multi-table parties.

So let's all get to clipping and clamping when the next lively breeze picks up. It'll make for cheers, not tears, at your next patio banquet!

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