Vincent Price's Crocodile Cucumber!

Updated: May 9

Vincent Price, spook-tacular star of thrilling, chilling cinematic fame, was also a major foodie and chef! I came across his recipe for "Crocodile Cucumber" (sort of charcuterie becomes reptile) at AND there's a contest to submit your own crocodile by Nov 1, 2021! Never one to resist a recipe challenge, I of course entered, and my pics are below! You can too, right here!

I actually named mine Alvin the Alligator. Doesn't he look like he's just crawled out of the Louisiana swamp, ready for a party?!

Here's Vincent's official recipe! Courtesy of Jenny at!

I took Alvin out on a neighborhood spree! About 4 blocks from my house is the most haunted spot in New Orleans, the former home of the infamous, monstrous, Madame Lalaurie. I think Alvin looks especially "Vincent Price-y" in front of a haunted mansion, don't you?

Alvin has a lot in common with the Grapefruit Sputnik Snack Ship from the Patio Party chapter of my cookbook, The Infinite Feast!

I hope Vincent would be pleased!

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