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Adventures in Flavor . . . with Kraft Dressings

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

This cookbooklet is dear to my heart. It's undated but I'd put it at 1960. It's got plenty of mid-century classic recipes and more. One of the most representative period pieces in my atomic era cookbook collection.

The inviting cover.

Salmon Loaf. Don't laugh, I have a spectacular one in the Halloween chapter of my cookbook. And not because it's scary-tasting! It's scrumdilliumptious! Click here for more :-)

My mom used to marinate liver in French Dressing for hours to get us to eat it when we were growing up. It worked!

Macédoine is a fantastic (and currently underused) word. The extent to which the recipe writers assume you know how to properly make "diced cooked potatoes" and "hard-cooked eggs" without any further specifics is of interest here. During this era one was still expected to know the basics. And there was no Google! You had to ask your parents or call your grandmother (or consult some other handy reference book).

They had me at "Rhapsody."

The ever-present gala shrimp tree. Although this one is more of a bush. And, dagnabbit, they don't even tell you how to make it!

Casino Dressing in the Kabob Bunwiches! I looooove Casino. And that it's called Casino. And that they're called bunwiches. My bunwich runneth over.

The charming back cover. Thanks for stopping by!

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