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Dishes Men Like: Soups, Seafood & Salads

Updated: May 12, 2022

Here are all the tasty soup, seafood, and salad recipes from a handy little 1952 cookbooklet by Lea & Perrins. Women of course like these dishes as well, and men can certainly cook them up for the family too, contrary to prevailing assumptions on who was doing the cooking (and the dish-liking) during the early post-war years. But we have our own fish to fry. Let's get on with the recipes!

Here's the inviting cover.

The soup chapter kicks off with some yummy-sounding seafood treats.

Lots of condensed soup action going on here, as was the case in the day.

When was the last time you whipped up a big pot of Purée Mongole? I'll wait . . . And I don't know about you, but I can't resist anything that ends in the words supreme or de luxe.

Louis Sauce, or Louie Dressing, is a savory (and usually spicier) cousin to sweeter Thousand Island. And baked cornflake-crusted cod? Yes please.

It all looks good to me. 🍣 🦪 🦞 🦀

Piquant! Savory.

Quick flavor tips! Seafood sauces!

From page 8 . . .

From page 8 . . .

Hooray for salads. And how about that? Just add 4 tablespoons catsup to your French dressing and suddenly it's Creole!

To my list of words in recipe titles I just can't resist (see "supreme", and "de luxe" above), I'm of course adding "imperial".

Don't scoff, a good tomato aspic is a wonder to behold (and consume)!

That's all our hot slaw for now, folks. There are lots more wonderful "Dishes Everyone Likes" in this little cookbook I'll be sure to share with you some other time!

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