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Favorite Recipes of Famous Texans

Yee-haw! My grandma in Houston gave me this cookbook a while ago and I sure do like it. Full of history and colorful stories about the lives (and recipes!) of mid-twentieth century Texas celebrities and politicians. See below for some of what's inside!

Lady Bird's famous chili.

I bet this is darn tasty. Thanks, Liz!

What isn't better with some bacon drippings?

Sam and Henry keep it simple.

Hondo's keeping it REALLY simple. 🤣

Have you ever heard of the chili queens? A great bit of Texas culinary history.

Something everyone could agree on.

Did you know Ike was a cooking enthusiast? He even traded recipes with Queen Elizabeth!

It's sort of stunning we have Sam's fave white cake and chocolate frosting recipe. I wonder what the original read like before it was modernized?

I'm so glad we had these recipes, together . . . 🎶

And of course there's a big bowl of chili on the back cover. That's all folks!

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