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French's Dining Delights, 1948

I've always loved the photography in this pre-1950's advertising cookbooklet for all things French's.

The inviting cover.

Dash of nutmeg in your cod fish cakes? Don't mind if I do. And I love every chance I get to use celery seed. And hey, potato powder in your chocolate cake? Far out, man!

Speaking of cod fish cakes, celery seed dressing, and chocolate cake . . .

Hot Dan used to be the French's advertising mascot. More here! The classic (not red) French dressing sounds yummy.

The potato salad on page 16, as mentioned!

Canned salmon? I would always bake or broil a fillet for something like this. The rest of the recipe sounds terrific. That French Dressing again!

Looks like the salmon salad platter is being served with the mustard mayonnaise (Yes, please!).

This is one beautifully styled photo. Recipes follow for the refrigerator cookies, pastry surprises, and cocoanut kisses pictured here!

Recipes for the above.

Pickling time!

Yum, yum, and more yum!

All this and 16 Taste Thrills too? I can barely stand it. Thanks Hot Dan!

Hot Dan looks pretty pepped up! Strike up the band with Hot Dan!

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