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Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II

Updated: Mar 7

This post could go on for 70 years (the length of Her Majesty's longest-ever reign over the UK and Commonwealth realms) but I'll keep it short-(ish) for now and add as we go.

Why do I love her? Long list. She was a Taurus (I am triple earth, with my rising & moon in Taurus, so I'm biased!) She was disciplined. I mean who could even keep their opinions to themselves for 70 years? Not me. She had GREAT brooches. More on that below. She was a humanitarian and a super decent person, considering she was Queen of the World. And she liked a fortifying drink. And good food. Afternoon tea anyone? God Save the Queen.

I mentioned the brooches. Above are my top five favorites. I even own a star brooch from the same jeweler and time period as her Jardine. Check it out.

And here I am wearing it, at her Platinum Jubilee in London in 2022 !!! What a thrill.

My "official" Jubilee portrait. Lol.

She had a sense of humor.

Settle down, Louis.

This bit didn't go so well.

Here's a fantastic image by Marco Marella, my award-winning illustrator, for my Queen for a Day Drop Scones, from my cookbook The Infinite Feast.

Did I mention that sense of humor?

And she could cook! Here's her recipe for Drop Scones I adapted for my cookbook, The Infinite Feast. She sent the recipe in a personal letter to President Eisenhower after making them for him in England on a state visit.

We saw her with Paddington Bear on telly when we were at our hotel for the Jubilee in 2022. Still makes me a tad weepy.

Thank you, Ma'am.

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