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Sandwich-Making Secrets

Updated: May 30, 2023

There are so many smart ways to make your sandwiches the best they can be. Here are some great ideas to inspire you during your next sandwich-making session. Read on, Macduff!

  1. Choose great bread. My current favorite is Dave's Killer Good Seed bread. You could literally put ANYTHING on Dave's bread and the sandwich would be terrific.

  2. Cut your sandwiches in triangles rather than rectangles. Easier to eat, and they look prettier too!

  3. Use a serrated knife to cut your creations. It will give you a cleaner sawing experience, and you won't squash the contents as much.

  4. Whenever you can, ADD MAYO.

  5. Two words: hot sauce.

  6. Build your sandwich by layering the heaviest ingredients on the bottom, e.g. the meat, and ending with the lightest on the top, e.g. the lettuce.

  7. Add dill or sweet relish. Adds crunch and is a tart, exciting complement to the rest of the sandwich.

  8. Keep it juicy, not soggy. Dry tomato slices in between paper towels. Keep it saucy, but make sure you don't overdo it with too many condiments.

  9. Mix savory and sweet. See: peanut butter and banana.

  10. Arrange so "slippy" and "grippy" ingredients alternate. Slippy: lettuce. Grippy: cheese!


There's nothing wrong with the obvious. Use plain old yellow mustard every once in a while for a tasty throwback experience!

A few festive ideas.

Get creative with your combinations!

Happy sandwiching! 🥪 🥪 🥪

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