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The Negroni, with Caviale con Fagioli

Presenting . . . the inaugural recipe from my new treasure box, "The 2 in 1 International Recipe Card Collection for Mixed Drinks and Hors D'Oeuvre." (Random House, 1977). We kick off with number 35, the classic Italian Negroni cocktail, and a variation known as the Bernini Bristol.

A tart bean and caviar salad is the perfect nibble to accompany this magnum opus of cocktails.

Here is Vivien Leigh, as Karen Stone, calming her nerves with a soothing Negroni, in Tennessee Williams' The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone, 1961.

Karen Stone: When I told you I was drifting, did you understand?

Paolo di Leo: Not why it made you sad. I too am drifting, Signora. The whole world, everybody,

the stars, everything is drifting. Is it so bad to drift? Is it so unhappy?

Karen Stone: Yes, when you have nowhere to go.

Paolo di Leo: Your hand's a fist. Open it. Give it to me.

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