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The SPAIN Chapter: Home Economics Teachers' Favorite Foreign Foods

From Favorite Recipes of Home Economic Teachers: Foreign Foods Edition, 1967, The SPAIN Chapter.

This 1967 compilation is an absorbing view of Spanish cuisine through the lens of mid-century Americana.

The inviting cover.

The gay and festive, exotic, delicious, land of romance . . .

Soup and salad . . .

Spanish casseroles Americana . . .

A piquant sauce is a great way to offset the gaminess of lamb . . .

Paella party . . .

Meatballs, chicken, and rice? Yes please.

Now there's a menu I can relate to.

Rosquillas! Churros! Tortas!

Sweets to the sweet . . .

¡Olé, olé! 🇪🇸

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