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"The Infinite Feast" is a fun guide to graciously hosting loved ones. Brian Theis does a great job melding his innate Southern Charm with experience gained from travel and time abroad. His book will be a welcome addition to people who enjoy sharing food and drink with friends." 

— Jacques Pépin

"The Infinite Feast" takes us back to the mid-twentieth century and the foods that fed the nation's craving for comfort and world travel. In seasonal chapters from New Year's to the winter holidays, there are theme menus, easy to follow recipes, and kitchen tips. The dishes are just as delicious as they are picturesque. Interviews with celebrity chefs, including Gabriele Corcos and Billy Oliva, with a tribute to Leah Chase, round out the offerings in this gift-worthy cookbook.

About Brian

Brian Theis ("Tice") is a resident of New Orleans and New York. He is a recipe developer, teacher, and home cooking maestro, with a passion for twentieth-century culinary history.

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