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Festive Foods For Family Fun, 1966

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

Festive Foods For Family Fun: Fun to Fix and Fun to Feast, Wisconsin Gas Company, 1966

For Finer Family Living . . . Gas Makes the Big Difference!

The nifty cover.

Start off with some party-pleasers!

Throw in some dry onion soup mix and suddenly it's Paris! And who could survive without their trusty Burner-with-a-Brain?!

I have to say I have never tried condensed Cream of Shrimp soup. Who knew, Campbell's makes it still! I think this calls for a taste test. Will it be a sin, or a win?!

Soupin' and sauce-in'.

Would you accept plain old carrots when you could have a carrot RING?

I'll never settle for non-deluxe yams again.

Will it be Gourmet Goulash, or Sulz?!

Because of course a recipe called "jiffy" takes two days. I DO want to steal the name however. Avocado Jiffies, Shrimp and Sausage Jiffies. Watch this space . . .

When run-of-the-mill brownies just won't do.

I just can't get these Dark Mysteries out of my head.

For Finer Family Living . . . Gas Makes the Big Difference!

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