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Hawaiian Party Book!

Aloha! Time for a luau! We got Hawaiian vocabulary, menus, decorations, cocktails!, appetizers, salads, even Chinese dishes! Here's a super fun excerpt from this festive little cookbook to get you started on your next Polynesian whingding! Mahalo!

The festive cover! Entertain the Hawaiian way.

Kapu = Keep Out! There may be Menehune (gremlins!)

Oh, poi!

It is effect that is important, not authenticity!

Fizzes, hulas, and pupus! Fun fact: a Caribbean drink also called the Swizzle once gave it's name to what we now know as "swizzle sticks," used to stir all kinds of cocktails! (See here for more.)

I've never served toothpicked shrimp stuck into the side of a pineapple before. Note to self!

Mmm, that's terrific squid. Looks good - tastes good!

The candle salad pops up during this period in culinary history all the time. Mele Kalikimaka and a Happy New Year!

Chop Suey and Foo Yung.

All my faves on two festive pages.

Sukiyaki, baboy!

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