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How to Dice an Onion and a Bell Pepper

Updated: Feb 28

We've already learned how to dice celery, here. This week, to complete The Creole Trinity mirepoix, I present . . . how to dice onions and bell peppers! You'll need these three quite a bit when you're cooking up the tasty Cajun/Creole-influenced recipes in my best-selling cookbook. See the easy-to-follow videos below!

I always start with a nice big sweet or yellow onion.

Remember, be careful and take it slow!

Here is the onion-dicing video! This is the same way many of the great chefs do it!

A chef who works at a fancy school cafeteria on the Upper West Side of Manhattan once taught me this excellent bell pepper technique. It gives you what you need in four easy strokes (or sometimes three depending on the pepper!) then you just throw the core, stem, and seeds neatly away!

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1 Comment

Nov 29, 2020

Dear Bryan,

I don't have your address or I would have simplified the whole process. Let me explain. I found a marvelous cookbook I thought you would die for, and ordered it for you. But failing to have your address I sent it to Vicky, thinking you had weekley, or monthly cocktail evenings with her. Alas, she informs me otherwise. So she has the cookbook, and you do not. Perhaps you could arrange to retrieve it from her concierge? I am sooooo very sorry to inconvenience you and to make a scavenger hunt of this gift.

If this is impossible let me know and I will send a copy directly to you, and let Vicky enjoy the read. But yo…

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