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The Holiday 1946 Sealtest Food Adviser

My vintage cookbook collection begins roughly around the year 1945 and ends roughly around the year 1965. The majority of the books I refer to frequently date from the second half of this period. So it's special when I share an advertising cookbooklet like this that's so near the beginning of the era I admire.

You can already see the post-war conceit taking shape – the "bespoke" dinner menus with accompanying recipes, and of course the charming spot illustrations and thematic, eye-pleasing typefaces that continue to appear through the ensuing decades, making the period perhaps the most engaging in cookbook history.

The festive cover.

I haven't tested it but this pie recipe looks pretty reliable to me.

Ham and macaroni cream? I assume that's creamed ham and macaroni, as I've never heard of macaroni cream. All the menus sound fancy (and tasty) don't they.

I could go face down in that tray of canapés.

Creamed turkey garnished with sliced pimento? Yes please.

Hooray for Eugene Field and Marshmallow Snowmen.

I'm sold on Sealtest!

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