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Continental Casseroles, 1963

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

"For those who can't go abroad this year." Or for those who have more sense than to try! With this crazy airline situation in the summer of 2022 you might just be better off enjoying the flavors of a foreign country "via casserole!" Betty Crocker serves up a few continents' worth of tempting recipes in this charming cookbooklet. Just close your eyes and point!

Editor's note: These recipes involve Betty Crocker products that are no longer available just as they were in 1963. Where possible, substitute a comparable product, or use the spirit of the recipe as a jumping off point for your own delicious creation!

Here's the attractive cover.

Any popular boxed mac and cheese could work with these. I love Annie's. Knorr Creamy Garlic Shells might be a good sub for the "Noodles Italiano" in the Vivido.

Any sour cream and chive-flavored pasta mix would be a good substitute for "Noodles Almondine" and "Noodles Romanoff."

This Mayfair Salad sounds inviting. And who can resist a big batch of köttbullar?!

I would substitute an egg noodle for the Noodles Italiano in the Goulash.

Olive Oil and Italian Herb Pasta Roni might be a good substitute for Noodles Italiano in these Italian recipes. Or just whip up the recipe using your own favorite pasta and seasonings!

I. Love. Curry. Then that sour cream and chive pasta alternative I mentioned earlier, together with tuna, celery, and onion could actually be pretty delish.

There are endless boxed rice mixes you could play with that would be appropriate for the below.

Can't go abroad? Cook yourself up a continental casserole! À bientôt!

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